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The Different Ways We Can Work


Brief & Effective Trauma Resolution

BSOTR (Brief Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution) is a highly sophisticated skill to extinguish body memory of trauma. It works in one-to-two sessions to extinguish somatic symptoms of trauma (flashbacks, startle reaction, nightmares), that works on virtually any and all trauma.

In traditional talk therapy, trauma is resolved by desensitizing a person to the painful events of their past.  BSOTR is different in that there is no need to retell and relive traumatic events.  With only the most basic of details, your therapist will guide you to take control of your past, heal your younger Self, and empower your current- and future Selves.

This service is currently being provided via telehealth through a secure video provider. BSOTR treatment begins with an initial 60 minute assessment to get to know you and your past and your current situation in detail.  


One on One Session.

Currently provided via telehealth either through a secure video platform or by telephone.  Individual therapy is traditional talk therapy which can be helpful for many situations;

  •  Depression therapy

  •  Anxiety treatment

  •  Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN)

  •  Trauma (PTSD) therapy

  •  Addictions recovery

  •  Building Self-Esteem/Confidence

  •  Self-Parenting / Self-Compassion

  •  Men's issues therapy

  •  Teen issues counseling

  •  Childhood anxiety therapy

  •  Grief and loss counseling

  •  Anger management

  •  Stress management

  •  Personal growth

Individual Sessions begin with an initial 60 minute assessment to get to know you and your past and your current situation in great detail. 


Growth & Healing Through Imagination

Currently being provided via telehealth through a secure video provider.  There is a long and powerful tradition of utilizing role-play for healing.  Through the use of RPGs we are able to help address challenges and provide skills and practice of skills helping with anxiety / social anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms as well as processing grief and loss.  We can also target games to help practice and develop social skills as well as improving a building executive functioning skills, believed to help address oppositional and defiant disorders. 

Therapeutic RPG groups are  an effective way of working with people who may be disinterested or uncomfortable with more traditional therapy. 

Therapeutic RPGs can also be helpful in supporting Family Therapy.

Therapeutic RPG begins with a short 30 minute assessment for us to understand you and your personal history to help develop the game to be most helpful for everyone. The groups then meets for 6- 10 sessions once a week that last from between two to two and a half hours long.



Individual Counseling Out In Nature

Provided in person at a local park or nature center in the Milwaukee area. Much like individual therapy, walk and talk therapy, can look a lot like traditional talk therapy which can be helpful for many situations; anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, etc.  However, there are advantages to being out in nature with walk and talk therapy and specific techniques that can be used to incorporated nature in walk and talk therapy.

-Natural Stress Reduction

-Less Intimidating Than Face to Face Office & Virtual Therapy

-Integration of Mindfulness & Eco-Therapy Practices in Real Time

-Increased Creativity & Problem Solving for Clients & Therapist

-Natural Increased Positivity

Walking and Talk Therapy Sessions begin with an initial 60 minute assessment (done via Telehealth) to get to know you and your past and your current situation in great detail. 

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Healing & Growth Through Connection with Nature

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy is a blending of learning and exploring Mindfulness practices, know to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and generally improve and protect mental health.  As well as learn and practice Eco-psychology interventions to help promote personal growth though a connection with nature.

This is a 12 Week Group that meets one time per week in a natural setting for 90 minutes.  60 minutes of practice and learning followed by 30 minutes of optional group discussion and exploration. 

Sessions are as follows:

Week 1: Mindful Awareness - Week 2: Living in the Now - Week 3: Letting Go - Week 4: Radical Acceptance

Week 5: Wise Mind / Wise Body - Week 6: Centering - Week 7: Connecting - Week 8: Nature as Metaphor

Week 9: Nature as Teacher - Week 10: Nature as Nurture - Week 11: Nature as Healer - Week 12: Living in True Self

This group begins with a short 30 minute individual intake to assess specific needs and background of individuals joining the group and will include a material for participation and for ongoing personal growth.

Currently looking to set up locations for groups for Spring 2022 in BayView area, Oak Creek/Franklin area, Mequon/ Ozaukee area, and Hales Corners/ Muskego area.


Helping Re-Connect

Currently provided via telehealth through a secure video platform. Traditional couple's therapy focuses on improving communication which can have limited benefits. We work with couples from two perspectives. By understanding and moving out of unhealthy relationship stances that keep partners in unhelpful and destructive patterns in their relationships. At the same time focusing on re-connecting and rebuilding shared meaning within relationships. Couples Therapy can be helpful with adressing;

  •  Create safety in intimacy

  •  Conflict resolution skills training

  •  Communication skills training

  •  Enhance your ability to listen

  •  Talk so you can be heard

  •  Cultivate positive connection

  •  Repair and grow trust toward each other

  •  Assertiveness training

  •  Premarital counseling

  • Help for recovering after an affair

Couples Therapy begin with three initial assessments; the first is with the couple together for 60 minutes to get to know the dynamic of the couple together and the shared understanding of the couple. The additional assessments are 30 minute assessments with each individual to get to know them personally and their individual perspectives about the relationship.


Here For Your Family

Currently provided via telehealth through a secure video platform.  Family therapy services are provided from an intensive family therapy model requiring the family to meet at least twice a week and work in a combination of parent/ caregiver sessions, child/ youth sessions, and family sessions, as recommended by the therapist over the course of four to six months.  There many challenges that can be addressed in family therapy including;

  •  Parenting guidance

  •  Remarriage and Blended Families counseling

  •  Childhood behavior therapy

  •  Establish healthy family dynamics

  •  Conflict resolution

  •  Parental alienation therapy 

  •  Healthy transitions

  •  Parenting your teenager 

Alternatively, Family Table Top Role Playing Game Therapy could be an affective treatment modality as well, especially for people and young people that might struggle with the idea of traditionally family therapy.


Family Sessions begin with an initial 60 minute assessment splint into time with parents / caregivers alone, young person alone, and then family.  Family Sessions are typically 50-80 minute sessions.

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