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Non-Therapy Services

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for Psychotherapists

Greg Schoeneck is able to provide clinical supervision for therapists in need of their supervisory hours in order to become fully licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Supervision can be provided in person at The Therapeutic Workshop in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI.  Supervision can also be provided remotely by a secure HIPPA complicate video platform.  Clinical supervision can be provided individually or in a group.

Clinical Consultation

Clinical Consultation for Psychotherapists

Greg Schoeneck is able to provide clinical consultations for therapists located locally or throughout the country who are looking to consult on cases and gain a different perspective, insight, or support on working with their clients. Clinical consultation is NOT supervision and is typically only provided to fully licensed therapist, but could be provided to a provisionally licensed therapist under supervision of another full licensed clinician.

Consultation Specialties:

Brief Solution Oriented Trauma Resolution (BSOTR) - Required for full certification.

Table Top Role Playing Game (like Dungeons & Dragons) Therapy Groups - Individual or Agency Consultations to bring this powerful framework for therapy into an individual practice or facility.

Walk & Talk Therapy - Integrating movement and nature into therapy.

Brief Solution Orientation Trauma Resolution (BSOTR) Training

Training to Provide a Quick and Powerful Trauma Resolution and Reprocessing Tool For Psychotherapists. 

Greg Schoeneck is the only certified trainer of the BSOTR tool in Wisconsin and offers trainings in person and virtually.  These trainings can be provided for individuals or groups of individuals.  This training walks people through the basics of trauma and assessing trauma and how it effects the individual though a poly-vagal informed lens. The training is about 6 hours long and will provided participants with practice and scripts to successful utilize the BSOTR protocol to help their clients quickly resolve and reprocess trauma and reduce trauma reactions dramatically.  To become a certified BSOTR practitioner further consultation is required (typically 5 hours of consultation with video review).

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