Walk and Talk Group Therapy

Stress Management Walk & Talk Outdoor Group Therapy.

The Therapeutic Workshop will be offering an outdoor walk and talk group therapy for people looking to talk about and receive support around current stressors in their lives.  This will be a small group of up to five individuals; looking for support around managing stress from others as well as a licensed professional counselor.  Groups will focus on practicing informal mindfulness practices and eco-based practices for managing stress as well as conversations around healthy boundaries and healthy boundary setting.

All participants must complete an initial individual assessment, to give your therapist a better understanding of you and what you are particularly looking for in the way of support and growth from this group.

The Therapeutic Workshop does not work with insurance companies of any kind and is self-pay only.  This group will be a reduced rate: 

Initial individual assessment cost: $50

Each group session: $25.

The first group will be starting at the end of April 2022 and will be an ongoing group with the ability to rotate new people in and out, but will remained capped at 5 members at any time.

Group will be Mondays at 8AM and be held in South Shore Park near the lake in Bayview.