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Table Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG)
Therapy Groups

TTRPG Therapy Groups

Men’s Group 1 : For Growth and Protection of Mental & Relational Health.

This group will focus on learning skills and practicing skills to improve and protect the mental and relational health of men.  This small group (5-6) will learn and practice new skills to improve their relationships with in the game, between one another, and out in their lives.  They will also develop a personal plan for improving and protecting their own mental health in general, that will also be practiced within the group to be taken back into these men’s lives.


We will be running the game Hunter: The Reckoning for 10 sessions.  The group will come together as a team to take on the things that go bump in the night. This game will run with a flavor that looks a lot like the CW TV show Supernatural. 

Group is running every year for 10 weeks starting in January and ending in March.

Men’s Group 2 : Defining and Moving Toward Values for the Growth & Protection of Mental & Relational Health

This group will focus on the benefit defining and understanding ones own personal values in life. This small group (5-6) will identify and practice making choices in life that our in line with their own personal values in and out of the game and also learn and deepen the understanding of the benefit of having other men support them as they talk about and move toward their personal values. 


We will be running the game Fallout for 10 sessions.  The group will come together to survive and thrive in the wasteland as a team all while trying to keep their values in mind with the voices they make. 

Group is running every year for 10 weeks starting in September and ending in December.

Relational Skills & Practice for Anxious Teens & Adults

Relational Skills Groups are not just for children and teens, we offer social skills groups for adults as well.  These groups focus on managing social anxiety and challenges around social interactions.  Groups are set up to teach and practice basic skills for grounding and ways to settle the nervous system to be primed for connection.  During game play clients will work toward achieving personal goals and practicing the social skills they are looking to develop. Children and adults can have a hard time making connections and feeling safe in social connections; these groups offer a perfect way to learn and develop these skills in parallel with playing a safe and fun game. 

Current games being played are Dungeons & Dragons and The World of Darkness systems, with more to come.

Teen Group running every year for 10 weeks starting in June and ending before September. 

Anxiety / Social Anxiety Group for Children & Adults

10 Week Table Top Role Playing Game Therapy Group set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5e.  Clients will learn formal and informal mindfulness compassion based skills for managing anxiety and building self-confidence and self-empowerment and practice them in real time, while working as a team of adventures to rescue a Nobel's missing son from a mysterious school for adventurers.  

The adventure (curriculum) is currently being considered being tailored to younger participants.

Curriculum is also being developed for age 18+ adults if the World of Darkness setting of Werewolf the Forsaken.

Grief Processing Group

10 Week Grief Processing Group. Set in a fantasy setting (Dungeons & Dragons 5e) the group will explore loss, process and share their own loss through their characters, and learn about grief and mourning. Groups will be limited to 6-4 individual and will be in age groups of 10-13, 14-17, and 18-25. The adventure (curriculum) is currently being considered being tailored to younger participants. In addition this group could be a fantastic way for a family to process a loss together.

Family Functioning Group 

Open ended Family Functioning Groups are aimed at increasing family connections.  These groups typically run between 6 and 10 sessions, but could last longer as every family is different.  Family Functioning TTRPG therapy groups can be set in the setting that is most appealing to the family, fantasy settings, historical settings, modern setting, playing characters from a number of genres; Fantasy(DnD), Horror(Supernatural), or Superheroes (Marvel/ DC).  Therapists work to improve family functioning by opening up a safe place to have fun and connect with each other and shaping interactions between family members to improve communication and resolve current and old hurts that may need to be processed and talked about in a safe space and heal family relationships.

Emotional Regulation and Impulsivity Group (Under Construction)

We are currently developing curriculum for young people struggling with emotional regulation and impulsivity and the behavioral challenges that come all with that.  This group will be divided into age groups and be limited to 4-6 individuals.  The system and genera are still being determined at this point so we would love to hear feed back or interest in what people think would be helpful.  The group will focus leveraging the power of TTRPGs to increase executive functioning skills to build a group members ability to manage emotional dysregulation, think flexibly and think down the line, to plan and work as a team to be successful, and simply allow group members to have fun and feel safe in a group.  Group members will have the characters placed in various social and life situations and have opportunity to practice skills in real time with their therapist (Storyteller, DM, GM) and other group members and process outcomes and impacts of their choices in a safe place as a team.

Reality Testing Group (Under Construction)

We are currently developing a curriculum for people struggling with how they perceive reality and the challenges that this can bring in day to day life.  There is evidence to show that utilizing TTRPGs with people with these challenges is helpful for people to learn to distinguish between different "realities".  Within the TTRPG there are different "realities" at play and teaching people and practicing distinguish between these realities can be very helpful for people with these challenges. Groups will be limited to 4-6 individuals, this group will likely take place in a fantasy setting (Dungeons & Dragons).   Group members will participate in the game while the therapist (DM) draws particular attention to the different "realities" at play in the game; the real world externally (therapist and group members), the real internal world (what the group members are feeling and thinking, the game world (what is going on in the game), and the group member's characters internal world (what the character is thinking and feeling). The group will be put in various situations and practice and process tracking between these "realities" in real time.

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